I am writing this post for “Izabel Sherwin Rosemaria”. So that she may have the idea to make shells and flowers headband.

Headband is an accessory for hair to tie or prevent to become hurdle to eyes. Purpose depends on the variety. Headband can be of different types and purposes.

Hard Plastic Headband

A hard plastic headband has to tie hair. Therefore headband has plastic teeth on both corners to catch hair properly.

Steel Bendable Headband

Steel headband is bendable and without teeth. It is good to wear steel band than plastic. Due to the pain at the back side of ears by wearing plastic headband. Therefore I will recommend a a steel hairband. Because you can stretch it according to your head size.

Due its durability as said earlier, these Hairbands can be good and durable flowers headband by DIY it.

Variety of Flowers such as artificial, plastic, metal and real are good to make headbands.

For plastic flowers you can use thread to attach it on headband as plastic small flowers always have a hole.

If flowers are of foam or fabric, then these can be glued on headband.

If flowers are real then first make a long garland. then paste on upper side with glue. you can also wrap it around the band.

Lace Headband

For lace headband you need to make a lace like long design. It can be made with beads, ribbon or even crochet it. then you can attach flowers with the help of needle and thread. Better not to glue flowers on this headband to make it durable.

Following is the video with

In this video ribbon headband is made with glue. But it is not durable and can’t be used more than once.

These are only few kinds of headbands there are variety of headbands if you need more info write me in comment and I will upload more by searching suitable videos on youtube.


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