When comes the word of fashion in mind, it automatically takes us to the clothing’s, wearing accessories, bags and shoes. While moving forward from this common understanding of fashion. For me, while living in the era of branding I find fashion in everything from wearing to studying. Fashion is not luxury anymore, rather it is turned into a need now. It has become our satisfaction in the very private place such as even our bathtub. Most of my readers will agree that they will like to use the soap which may satisfy their inner sense.

I am starting off this series of blog writing while covering various dimensions of our lives. Specifically which comes under the term of fashion. First of my choices will be Asia. As Asia being my residential continent urges me to write about it while beautifying it with the exploration of multiple on going trends.

Fashion Trends

Looking forward for various kinds of fashion in Asia. I found that Asian countries have trends in following fields








Home accessories

Kitchen gadgets


Usually these things common to all. In Asian Countries all these things have specific patterns and trends, which lists these under category of fashion.

Education as Fashion

Such as in Education system, branded schools are common in countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Mostly Elite class parents send their children to trending modern schools, as branded schools have become status symbol. Schools which are commonly known as brands usually not approachable to poor. Due to this reason this habit has converted into fashion now. As Elite class parents will admit their children to a school whose target population should not have any feasibility for poor. This is for setting up standard to let their children intermingle only those who meet their financial status.

This is just an example common to all of you.

Such  fashion trends can be observed in all above mentioned categories in which I am interested to talk about. In next blog I am thinking to talk about fashion waves occurred in various times.

The video is not my copyright but I have taken from youtube to explain my point that fashion in general sense is about wearing only.


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