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Fashion is not to adopt but it is part of inner self of a person. It all comes with the way of elegance in which you keep yourself. Its not only about wearing but about way of life which you live. In order to be fashionable we need to modify our thoughts regarding fashion, modesty and elegance and its relation with financial status. 

The World of Fashion  should be a world in which people render their inner satisfaction rather looking for a race of buying expensive. It has to be a world in which people live rather than jumping into a race of looking different by spending hard earn penny. Fashion can make you look different only if you adopt your fashion not being slave of money. Rather something original created by you to satisfy your inner self.

My Story

I never had permission to submit myself to the fashionable world by customs of my country and people around me. they wanted me to be a teacher of some literature, ethical or social sciences subject. It took me quite long period to understand that I have a silent urge towards fashion. Which is being suppressed by the opinions of others. After being a perfect example of failure in all domains suggested by others, I sat down one day and decided that I will follow what I am.

I started this blog to express what I have hidden in my mind from years. And this is when I found myself standing on a point where I have lost all hope surviving in any professional competition. I am writing this post to help others to follow their passion in field of fashion. Rather suppressing their urge to be fashionable. I want no more failures around me who may choose wrong profession. I want you to stand up today for yourself. Think what you are in real. Don’t look forward any one for advice follow your heart.

If you are here on this post I believe you already have recognized your little urge to look better and different. Let me define you looking different has nothing to do with spending lots of money on branded articles. Instead creating your own fashion and adopting it makes you different.


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